Thursday, October 6, 2016

Celebrate Chaos, Creativity and Team Work, anyone?

Geometry: Mind map on Bisectors
   First bulletin board of the year....I am thinking, it should be something that allows to see students' progress, and yes: I want to use ...mind mapping for it! 
 I use this particular Geometry Bisection vs. Partition Bulletin Board Set for a number of activities, allowing  students to take an active role in putting it together into a mind map (as in a previous post) while we learn these new ideas (or, refresh them). 
Sometimes I may choose to put these  “puzzle” pieces up all at once, but mounting one piece at a time, as I 
Geometry Mind Mapping Set
for various activities
teach a new idea, gives me an opportunity to visualize the process of creating a body of knowledge for students: one piece to another, somehow, possibly, connected to each other. 
   I prefer to spread assembling this        bulletin board over a few days,          
   because I like the idea of using it as 
   an instructional tool with a reference 
   value that supports procedural 
   fluency and exhibits authentic 
   student models.  Sorting activity is another way to utilize this Bulletin Board Set: at the end of the unit students can be asked to generate their own summary of the material.  Later, as a follow-up activity, the sorting of the bulletin board pieces can be done in class and compared with your students’ work. This is, actually,  a good way to introduce (or strengthen) the idea of mind-mapping, which may serve your students well.   
"parking lot" clouds for task cards
 that illustrate variety of situations
where a given rule is applied.
These are the images of the bulletin board "parking lots” , which I use for a sorting activity  with the Unit Review. The idea is that after students complete their Unit Review practice, I ask them to sort their task cards (one per student) by placing each of them onto the corresponding cloud of the mind map (each type of the situation in the map is color-coded).
My students assemble the map itself before this sorting activity, as part of verifying their individual maps, completed for homework earlier.
**This Bulletin Board on Basic Geometry Concepts is now ready to be both: our Word Wall and Active Reference**