Monday, October 10, 2016

Something to consider for organizing resources...any advice ?

    I am considering a platform to organize my resources. I already have a word document with a simple log of related items, but it is not the most convenient for my students source to use, since sometimes titles ( I want to say "text") can be not as helpful for them as pictures for identifying the type of information they may be looking for.
   This is my first experiment with  basic account, which allows 5 free links per image.
 I have an image of a geometry mind map (bisectors) and my youtube videos with basic explanations attached to them. It is good to go for my 2-year-Geometry classes or for a Regents Geometry class Review.
    If not this, than I can see 2 other possibilities. One is: just post all videos and docs on my classes pages, in the order I teach them , organized by chapters. The other thought is to have a full unit mind map from with videos and docs attached. This may be costly, but faster to generate maps, and there would be no limit for the attachments...
    Can anyone advise me on this?